was born approx. on the 22nd of September 2018. Meera was placed into the same Perrera (killing station, where dogs get killed within 3 weeks if they do not find a new home) in Portugal as Aramis, and was then saved by the same animal rescuers. We adopted Meera via Tierrettung International e.V. on 21/01/2023. Meera looks like a pure breed or slightly mix-breed Brittany (Epagneul Breton). We fell in love with the breed after adopting Priyā.

Meera had been bitten while in the dog's rescue place and hence it took a little longer to get settled with other dogs, but we are on our way to fully integrate her. She is sweet natured with a slight tendency to jealousy. Meera enjoys long walks with her daddy and Aramis and slow walks with her mummy and Priyā. Photos soon to follow.





Rosie and Jacob



Yonah (fka Jonas)

Nirmla (fka Min) Keith (fka Speedy) Latzi (fka Füchslein) Priyā(fka Zafira) Aramis Meera(fka Hailey)

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