Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

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Crystal Healing is a form of Vibrational Healing, i.e. healing through resonance. It is ideal for crystal healers to receive comprehensive education in both Crystal Healing and Spiritual Healing, as mandated by the Vibrational Healing Foundation in London, where I trained. Just like in Reiki and Spiritual Healing, the healer channels divine energy to facilitate healing. As the energy is transmitted through the crystal, it narrows down to a laser-like precision. Crystal healers must possess an extensive understanding of the properties of different crystals and accurately evaluate the client's energy field to determine the most effective approach. Moreover, they should be aware of and able to feel the harmonious interactions and tactile qualities of the different crystals. Crystal Healing is a process of fine-tuning the energy and demands both right and left brain abilities being used harmoniously.

Various parameters, including the crystal's colour, structure, formation, chemical composition, size, and shape, determine the frequency range emitted by the crystal. The frequency band in this practice is significantly narrower compared to Reiki or Spiritual Healing. Consequently, the fine-tuning must be executed with utmost care and precision. When the correct frequency is met for the client's needs, the resonance becomes intense. Crystals provide a direct and focused approach to addressing imbalances in the auric field.

The healer must diligently assess the client's energy field throughout the treatment to ensure the crystal is a perfect match. If the energy of a chakra is too fast, the healer will opt for a crystal that can gently bring balance and slow down the energy flow. One crystal that can accomplish this is Moonstone, provided it aligns with the auric field of the client and other crystals in use.If the chakra is sluggish, the healer will select a crystal to invigorate and accelerate it.When a chakra is traumatised, healers typically avoid direct treatment and instead concentrate on harmonizing the adjacent chakras.

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To fully immerse oneself in the study of Crystal Healing, a substantial time commitment is required. This is because of the vast selection of crystals, the use of logic and intuition, and the need to connect to Higher Powers. The selection of crystals requires careful consideration, as not all crystals are safe and suitable for all individuals. It is crucial for the crystal healer to be aware of the limitations and contraindications associated with their specific therapy approach.

Special attention must be given when treating the weak, the very young, the very old, and animals. It is not always advisable to use Crystal Healing in these cases.

Crystal mandalas offer a powerful way to channel energy towards a specific situation or to support Earth Healing.

Crystal Mandala

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