Crystal Healing   

Crystal Healing is a form of Vibrational Healing, i. e. healing through resonance.  The Crystal Healer has been trained in Reiki and/or Spiritual Healing and utilises this ability within the Crystal Healing treatment.  Like in Reiki and Spiritual Healing divine energy is channelled by the healer.  As this energy passes through the crystal it becomes very focussed.

The frequency range emitted by the crystal depends on various parameters, e.g. the colour of the crystal, the crystal structure, the crystal formation, the chemical composition, the size and the shape.  The frequency band is much narrower than in Reiki or Spiritual healing. This means that the fine-tuning has to be more precise.   If the correct frequency for the client's needs is met, the resonance is much more intense than in Reiki or Spiritual Healing treatments.   Crystals allow us to address imbalances in the auric field in a more direct and focussed way. Therefore, extra care has to be taken by the practitioner.

The healer has to thoroughly examine the client’s energy field in order to match it with the right crystal.  For example if the energy of a chakra is too fast, the healer will choose a crystal that can help to slow down the energy, e.g. Moonstone.  If the chakra is too slow the healer will choose a crystal that energises the chakra and speeds it up.  If a chakra is traumatised the healer will not work on the traumatised chakra at all, but might try to balance the neighbouring chakras. 

It is essential that the healer knows the properties of the diverse crystals well and is able to precisely tune into the energy field of the client to determine what is needed.  He also needs to know and be able to feel the harmony and interaction between the various crystals.  Crystal Healing is a process of fine-tuning the energy and demands both right and left brain abilities from the healer, which need to be used in harmony.

The huge amount of crystals available and this well tuned combination of the logical and the intuitive make it necessary to train for at least two years to become a Crystal Healer.  Great care has to be taken when choosing the crystals since not all crystals are safe and suitable for everybody.  The Crystal Healer needs to know the limitations and contra-indications of his therapy form.  Special care is necessary when treating the weak, the very young, the very old and animals.  Crystal Healing is not always recommended in these cases.


Crystal Healing is a treatment method that is complementary to school-medicine. It is not a substitute for the medical treatment of illnesses and diseases and can not promise any healing success.

The Crystal Healer prepares for the healing in exactly the same way as the Reiki or Spiritual Healer.  After the connection to Spirit is established and the energy flows the healer examines the client’s chakras to determine any imbalances, blockages or disturbances.  Based on his findings and the guidance that he receives the healer decides on the treatment form and the crystals to be used.  He cleanses the crystals to be used and tunes them to work for the highest good of the client.  He then carefully places the crystals at the appropriate positions of the chosen crystal layout (chakras, grid, pattern).  He begins to channel energy through the crystals so that they become activated. The healer constantly observes the client's energy field and reacts to changes by moving or removing the crystals. After all crystals have been removed and cleansed and all other energy work has been completed the healer grounds the client and finishes the treatment.  Before the crystals are placed back in their original location they are once again cleansed.

Crystal Healing treatments are relaxing and soothing for both body and soul and provide a feeling of wellness. The client usually experiences a feeling of peace and love.  If blockages are gently removed during the treatment the client may experience an emotional release in the form of tears or a physical release through clearing of the throat, coughing or a runny nose. Occasionally and if necessary hidden issues may surface in or after a crystal healing treatment so that the client can deal with them. This process may be emotionally painful and is known as a healing crisis. The healer is trained to support the client through this important period of time and to make the necessary recommendation, e.g. that the client should see a councellor.

It is recommended that the client gives himself plenty of time after the treatment and drinks plenty of water to flush away any toxins that may have been released during or after the treatment.  The clearing and healing processes can continue for several days and even weeks or months after the treatment.


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