Reiki and Spiritual Healing

Reiki and Spiritual Healing

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Reiki and Spiritual Healing are gateways to tap into the endless love and life force that permeates the universe. Reiki and Spiritual Healers can harness this powerful energy to heal themselves and others. These treatment techniques use resonance and frequencies to balance the body's energy field, the Aura. They are both forms of Vibrational healing and are practised in a similar way. For the difference between both techniques, click here.

Vibrational Healing uses resonance to promote self-healing in body, mind, and spirit. In Reiki and Spiritual Healing, a wide spectrum of frequencies is used, resulting in a softer and more gentle form of resonance compared to Crystal Healing.

Reiki and Spiritual Healing can be safely used on people of all ages, including the young and the elderly, as well as on animals and plants.

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During the treatment, individuals often experience a soothing sensation that nurtures their overall well-being, leaving them feeling relaxed and refreshed. If blockages are gently cleared during treatment, clients may release emotions through tears or experience physical symptoms like clearing the throat, coughing, or a runny nose.

It is advised for the client to take their time after the treatment and hydrate well to eliminate any toxins that may have been released. Even after the treatment, the clearing and healing processes can extend for several days, weeks, or even months.

It's important for all practitioners, consultants, and therapists who work with energy to learn how to protect and ground themselves and their clients.

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