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Reiki and Spiritual Healing are ways of accessing the divine love or universal life force that abounds throughout the universe.  Reiki and Spiritual Healers can utilise this energy to treat themselves and others.  Both treatment techniques are forms of Vibrational Healing, i. e. healing through resonance.  They work and are practised in a very similar way.  For the difference between both techniques follow the Reiki link above.

Vibrational Healing always works in a holistic way and uses the resonance principle to encourage self-healing in body, mind and spirit.  Reiki and Spiritual Healing are forms of Vibrational Healing that use a spectrum of frequencies.  As a result the energies are more diffused and less focussed than in a Crystal Healing treatment and resonance occurs in a much gentler form.

Reiki and Spiritual Healing are safe to use on the young, the elderly, on animals and on plants.


Reiki and Spiritual Healing are treatment methods that are complementary to school-medicine. They are not a substitute for the medical treatment of illnesses and diseases and can not promise any healing success.

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Reiki and Spiritual Healing treatments are relaxing and soothing for both body and soul and provide a feeling of wellness.  The client usually experiences a feeling of peace and love.   If blockages are gently removed during the treatment the client may experience an emotional release in the form of tears or a physical release through clearing of the throat, coughing or a runny nose.

It is recommended that the client gives himself plenty of time after the treatment and drinks plenty of water to flush away any toxins that may have been released during or after the treatment. The clearing and healing processes can continue for several days and even weeks or months after the treatment.

Spiritual Healers grounding and protection is very important. In my Reiki courses I also teach grounding and protection as both techniques are important for everybody. All practitioners, consultants and therapists who work energetically should know how to protect and ground their own energy field and that of their clients.





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