"Health depends on being in harmony with our soul."


"Our souls are perfect, being children of the Creator,
and everything they tell us to do is for our good"


Dr. Edward Bach (1886 - 1936),  Free Thyself



Bach Flower Remedies are a set of 38 flower essences, which were discovered by the British physician Dr. Edward Bach in the nineteen thirties. Bach Flower Remedies work through their vibrations not through their chemical components. They are a vibrational healing system.

Dr. Bach believed that illness is directly related to our state of mind and our emotions. A theory that is now supported by the latest neuro-immunology research.

Dr. Bach’s approach is holistic – Bach Flower Remedies treat the person not the disease, they treat the cause not the effect.

In the nineteen twenties Dr. Bach had worked in a homeopathic hospital in London. He was inspired by Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, but felt that a system of more simplicity and ease of use was needed. Some homeopathic remedies are based on mother tinctures that are extremely toxic and poisonous, i. e. Arsenic or Bella Donna. The principle of homeopathy is to cure like with like. In homeopathy a substance which would cause certain modalities and symptoms if taken undiluted is used in a very diluted (potenised) form to cure the same modalities and symptoms. Dr. Bach wanted to go further than this: he did not want to cure hate with hate but with love.

Dr. Bach searched for natural, non-toxic sources of energy that radiate the highest and purest vibrations. He found them in the flowers and blossoms of the English countryside.

Dr. Bach realised that the immense life force of the sun could be used to transfer the energy of the plant into the carrier substance, water. For those flowers and trees that blossomed at a time when the sun was not intensive enough he chose the boiling method. Today the Bach Flower Remedies are still prepared strictly to Dr. Bach’s recommendations.

Dr. Bach recognised seven groups of mental and emotional states:

Dr. Bach found 38 flowers and tree blossoms that have a balancing effect on these mental and emotional states in humans, animals and plants. Each Bach Flower Remedy helps to overcome the negative aspects of an emotional and/or mental state and brings out the positive potential associated with this state. The Bach Flower Remedies can be combined to address more complex issues.

The Bach Flower Remedy system is safe and easy to use.


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