Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

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Bach Flower Remedies, a collection of 38 flower essences, were discovered in the nineteen thirties by Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician. Bach Flower Remedies use the vibrations of flowers and trees, instead of their chemical properties. They are a vibrational healing system.

According to Dr. Bach, our state of mind and emotions directly influence our health. Recent neuro-immunology research supports this theory.

Dr. Bach's holistic approach encompasses the person's physical, mental, and emotional dimensions, aiming to restore overall well-being instead of just treating the disease's manifestations.

During the nineteen twenties, Dr. Edward Bach had worked in a homeopathic hospital in London. Samuel Hahnemann, the pioneer of homeopathy, inspired him, but Dr. Bach felt the need for a simpler and safer approach so that people could heal themselves. Some homeopathic remedies are derived from mother tinctures that contain highly toxic substances, such as Arsenic or Bella Donna. Homeopathy follows the principle of curing like with like, i.e. it treats symptoms using diluted and potentized substances of what would normally cause those symptoms. Dr. Bach's aspiration went beyond that; he aimed to combat hate not with hate, but with love.

In his quest, Dr. Bach dedicated himself to finding natural, non-toxic sources of energy that resonated with the highest and purest vibrations. In the flowers and tree blossoms of the English countryside, he discovered what he had been searching for.

Dr. Bach observed how the radiant energy of the sun could infuse the plant's vitality into water. For those flowers and trees that blossomed when the sun was not intense enough, he opted for the boiling method. Even today, the Bach Flower Remedies are prepared meticulously according to Dr.  Bach's original instructions.

Bach Flower Remedy—GorseCreating Gorse Remedy using the sunlight methodCreating Remedies using the boiling method

Dr. Bach distinguished seven groups of mental and emotional states:

He found 38 flowers and tree blossoms that have a balancing effect on these mental and emotional states in humans, animals and plants. By using Bach Flower Remedies, individuals can overcome negative states and tap into their hidden positive potential. By combining different Bach Flower Remedies, a more comprehensive solution can be found for complex issues.

Bach Flower Remedies are safe and easy to use.

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