• helps us to connect to and trust our Inner Wisdom,
  • encourages to follow our Inner Guidance,
  • encourages us to act spontaneously,
  • helps us to become calm and certain about our decisions,
  • teaches us discernment.


  • I trust my Inner Wisdom.
  • I follow my Inner Guidance.
  • I use my intuitive power.
  • I am wise and powerful.


  • helps us to develop a healthy optimism,
  • encourages us to trust that all is well and as it should be,
  • teaches us to think positive,
  • strengthens our faith in God and the Higher Guidance,
  • gives us the courage to face and overcome difficulties and set-backs,
  • strengthens our confidence in ourselves,
  • provides us with a feeling of safety and security
  • teaches us that resistance on our path only makes us stronger and wiser,
  • helps us to encourage others to be confident and think positive,
  • supports the practitioner when dealing with clients whose conditions does not seem to improve.


  • I am safe and secure at all times.
  • I am confident that I can cope with any situation that I have to face.
  • I know that all is well and as it should be.
  • I am strong, confident and courageous.
  • I trust my Higher Guidance.
  • I trust myself.
  • I easily find solutions to all challenges that I meet.
  • I turn every challenge into an opportunity.


  • gives us hope to withstand even the most demanding and toughest situations,
  • gives us the strength to face and overcome difficulties and set-backs,
  • helps us to become open for positive impulses from the Higher Self,
  • encourages us to work actively for our highest good,
  • helps us to access resources which we did not even know we had,
  • teaches us that miracles happen when we start changing our outlook on live,
  • helps us to overcome limiting thought patterns,
  • teaches us that we create our own reality,
  • teaches us that every day is a new beginning,
  • helps us to lit the flame of hope in others.


  • I open doors to love, health, joy and prosperity.
  • I have the strength and the power to create a wonderful reality.
  • I open up to the light from within.
  • My mind is unlimited in creating the good in my life.
  • I treat every day as a new beginning.
  • My thoughts are positive and fulfilling.
  • I carry the flame of hope into the world.


  • brings back vitality and freshness,
  • helps us to find pleasure even in repetitive tasks,
  • helps us to get up and go,
  • teaches us to find a healthy balance between variety and routine,
  • gives us stamina for longterm tasks ahead,
  • awakens our enthusiasms,
  • aids the mental convalescence after a prolonged illness.


  • I am fresh and full of live.
  • I enjoy the meditative character of repetitive patterns.
  • I have the energy to get up and go.
  • I have the stamina to proceed with my task.
  • I am enthusiastic about my tasks and my life.
  • I look forward to tackle new challenges.


  • helps us to establish an inner balance,
  • assists us in finding our own inner rhythm,
  • encourages us to use our great inner strength to move lightly towards our goal,
  • helps us to decide immediately with precision and confidence,
  • teaches us to stay calm and serene,
  • encourages us to radiate calmness and positive thinking to the world,
  • helps us to focus and concentrate,
  • encourages us to put our thoughts into action,
  • assists us in building sturdy relationships,
  • teaches us to become a reliable friend,
  • assists us to integrate a broad variety of interests into our life.


  • I am in perfect balance.
  • I dance to my own inner rhythm.
  • I know what I want.
  • I am calm and serene.
  • I work focussed and concentrated towards my goal.
  • I am strong, precise and stable in my decisions.
  • I decide now.
  • I trust my own judgment.

Wild Oat

  • assists us in finding our true vocation,
  • helps us to find a purpose in life,
  • encourages us to get involved and commit ourselves,
  • assists us in building sturdy relationships,
  • teaches us to go deeper rather than broader,
  • helps us to combine our different talents to a single goal and use them in a satisfactory way,
  • assists us in finding out what really matters to us,
  • helps us to gain inner certainty about our path in life,
  • teaches us that true satisfaction and contentment only comes from within,
  • teaches us to become calm, mature, clear and focussed,
  • encourages us to participate in life and develop an interest in our surroundings


  • I know my Higher Purpose and work towards it.
  • I follow my path.
  • I go deeper.
  • I am fulfilled.
  • I am calm, mature, clear and focussed.
  • I know which path to take.
  • I wholeheartedly get involved with and commit myself to those who matter to me.

2003 Renate Nallinger