Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies
Addressing Fear


The Bach Flower Remedy group for Addressing Fear assists with a range of fears, such as tangible fears, fear of losing control of our mind, and fear for loved ones' well-being.

This group includes the following five remedies:

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Among this group, Mimulus is likely the most commonly used remedy. It provides support for all kinds of tangible fears, the ones we can put into words. Examples include the fear of public speaking, job loss worries, financial concerns, fear of illnesses, and fear of animals. The essence of Mimulus instills in us a sense of trust, reassuring us that we are protected and that the universe is guiding us on the right path.

BFR Mimulus


Delicate souls find solace in Aspen, like a soothing balm. It helps ease general anxiety that arises with no specific triggers. When the feeling is unsettling, we are left with a lingering uneasiness that we cannot quite pinpoint. It could provide relief for those who fear their dreams, even if the dream itself remains a distant echo. Aspen might provide relief for certain sleep disorders. Aspen can be the remedy of choice for those who have a strong connection to their higher guidance but lack confidence and grounding.

BFR Aspen

Cherry Plum

Cherry Plum is a remedy for those who feel so desperate that they fear their sanity slipping away. When we feel overwhelmed by internal or external chaos or stress, it helps us find clarity and avoid regrettable actions. In Rescue Remedy, Cherry Plum is added to help instill a feeling of guidance and calmness when faced with emergencies.

BFR Cherry Plum

Red Chestnut

Red Chestnut is a remedy that helps ease the distressing concerns that arise when one fears for the safety of their loved ones. With its guidance, we come to realize that each being has their own unique set of life lessons to learn. It is important to show compassion in their time of need, but we should avoid suffering alongside them. If you're looking to address over-care for the welfare of others, Red Chestnut might be a good choice to pair with one of the remedies in that specific group of Bach Flower remedies.

BFR Red Chestnut

Rock Rose

Rock Rose is the remedy that addresses excessive fear, surpassing the usual threshold. Like a balm for the soul, it is the remedy for panic, restoring a sense of peace and tranquillity. Rock Rose is a key ingredient in Rescue Remedy, designed to help those trapped in paralysing fear and unable to progress. Rock Rose blends well with Bach Flower Remedies that address Despondency or Despair, bringing back hope. In addition, it pairs seamlessly with remedies such as Clematis and Olive from the Bach Flower Remedies Addressing Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances group, providing a sense of grounding and replenishing energy. It is worth mentioning that Clematis is also a key ingredient in Rescue Remedy for that very reason.

BFR Rock Rose

BFR Rock Rose

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