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The Origin of the Name

C4H (Crystals for Healing) is the alias that I have used on various health-related Internet groups. Over time, C4H has evolved into my core philosophy, as I explore the diverse ways crystals can be used for healing. Crystal energies are a fundamental component of the Aura-Soma® system and are integrated into the jewellery I craft.

The Beginning — Reiki

During the summer of 1997, a German friend enthusiastically recommended a book called The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield to me. Little did I know at the time that this would mark the beginning of my spiritual journey. It was a year later that I first heard about Reiki, and by the end of October 1998, I had been attuned to the first Reiki grade. I was brimming with enthusiasm after attending this weekend course. The moment I began my first Reiki treatments, I could sense a tangible, vibrant energy flowing through me. The excitement was so powerful. It was then, in that pivotal moment, that I embarked on the journey of becoming a Reiki Master. Some considered this to be rushed and voiced their objections. However, I desired to share with others the precious gift I had received. Guided by my spiritual guides, I felt assured as I pursued my goal: empowering people to heal themselves on all levels.

Going through the Reiki grades transformed me and taught me valuable, sometimes quite challenging, lessons. These were instrumental in shaping my ability to show compassion and foster understanding. On this journey, I was blessed with plentiful tools, like gifts from above. The Reiki 1 course sparked my interest in crystals and their healing properties. During my Reiki 2 course, I was introduced to Louise Hay's work and the profound effects of embracing positive affirmations. Incorporating Louise Hay's concepts into Inner Child work provides practical tools for personal transformation.

In the summer of 1999, I underwent major surgery. Crystals, Reiki, positive affirmations, and acupuncture treatments before my operation helped me recover from my health crisis. Our loyal four-legged companion, Bonnie, gave me a surge of strength as well. Sadly, she departed to the spirit realm a mere two weeks after I left the hospital. I was devastated, my heart heavy with the weight of several losses in such a brief period. I was on the verge of abandoning my spiritual journey and relinquishing my goals. Our lives were brightened by the arrival of gentle Ben, a lovable GSD x Border Collie puppy. Ben's uplifting presence infused me with renewed hope and motivation to continue on my path. In December 1999, I was initiated as a Reiki Master by Keith Beasley. A few months later, I trained with Fiona McCallion in Reiki Ryoho 1 and 2.

Shortly after becoming a Reiki Master, I started teaching Reiki 1 to friends and family. From November 2000 onwards, I offered Reiki courses to the public. The gifts that had been presented to me during my studies became useful for my students, too. Louise Hay's Affirmations and Bach Flower Remedies are valuable gifts for those dealing with Inner Child issues that often come up after completing Reiki 2.

Reiki and Spiritual HealingBach Flower RemediesCrystal HealingAura Soma<sup®</sup>

Continued Journey—Bach Flower Remedies and Louise Hay Training

May 2000 marked the start of my education on the Bach Flower Remedies, as I enrolled in a Bach Centre approved Level 1 course. In September 2000, I started a BFR Level 2 course. Then, from October 2000 to January 2001, I studied at the University of Hertfordshire to become a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. In April 2001, I received my Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) certificate.

In the summer of 2000, I had the chance to immerse myself in Louise Hay's techniques on a Louise Hay Teacher Training Course in Birmingham, England. Patricia Crane was the instructor for this course, later known as the Healing Lives, Achieving Dreams Teacher Training Course.

A life-changing step—2 years of Crystal and Spiritual Healing training with VHF

It was in October 2000 that I began a transformative two-year diploma course in Crystal and Spiritual Healing with VHF in London. This course pushed me to my boundaries with its emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges. The Crystal and Spiritual Healing treatments I received from my co-students helped me address underlying issues. This process of clearing up was essential to become a more receptive channel. The course concluded in December 2002.

During my first year of training with VHF, I became interested in designing and creating crystal jewellery. Because of the heaviness and size of the commonly sold Power Bracelets, I started crafting my own. I quickly realized that my bracelets were the perfect addition to my crystal healing treatments. So I designed bracelets for my clients. Each crystal bracelet or jewellery item is like a small Mandala, created specifically for the needs of the person wearing it.

Bringing it All Together—Aura-Soma

As part of the Crystal and Spiritual Healing course, there was a weekend in January 2001 focused on colour healing. On this weekend, I found myself drawn to the world of Aura-Soma®. Not long after, I came across an Aura-Soma® consultant nearby and had a session with her. I was astounded by how accurate the readings were and the immense power of the Aura-Soma® system. I took a Foundation Level Course in Aura-Soma® in February 2002, followed by an Intermediate Level course in February 2003 at Dev Aura in Tetford. This qualified me as an ASIACT trained Aura-Soma® consultant. In July 2003, I completed training on an Aura-Soma® Advanced Level course, also at Dev Aura in Tetford.

Aura-Soma® is fascinating to me because it brings together my past expertise in crystals and aromatherapy with new areas for me, like numerology, the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, astrology, and Tarot. There are countless uncharted paths waiting to be explored. It's like a never-ending journey of learning.

Namaste</sup>My mottoHealing

Credits—Thank You for Your Support

My spiritual journey would not have been possible in this form without the unwavering support of my husband Tarseem and our beloved four-legged children: Bonnie, Mikesch, Ben, Lea, Jacob, Rosie, Rana, Candy, Nirmla, Keith, Latzi, Priyā, Aramis, and Bibi, who always filled and fill our home with joyful barks and purrs. I would like to express my gratitude to them for their endless, unconditional love and support.

Tarseem is an AoR trained Reflexologist. He has expanded his skill set by receiving training and attunements in Reiki 1 and 2, as well as completing BABCT approved training in Indian Head Massage. He possesses a keen interest in many complementary therapies. Nevertheless, it is the realm of crystals that truly captivates him, both for their healing potential and the awe-inspiring beauty that lies within their mineral structures.

Our Four-legged Children



and Jacob




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Sending you all
Love, Light and Blessings

Renate Nallinger

Ipswich, UK, June 2003
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