Rana is born in May 2006.

We adopted Rana from Andrea Wachsmann at
Hortusanimalis in November 2007. In no time she has become a fully integrated member of the family and has brought fresh and young spirit into our lives.

Rana is a great dog-lover and has helped our tom-cat Jacob and us to come to terms with the fact that his beloved sister Rosie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year.

Rana is not a great food eater and would rather feed just on cat-milk alone. She definitely doesn't eat beef.

Rana is the big boss in the house, but with other beings than her closest family, she is extremely shy and will not be seen.




Rosie and Jacob

Candy Nirmla (fka Min) Keith (fka Speedy) Latzi (fka Füchslein) Yonah (fka Jonas)


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