Ben — May 1999 to 18/12/2011. Ben was a gentle, yet strong and very loyal friend. Although Ben loved his four- and two-legged family very much, he liked to have enough space for himself and some privacy. He was the centre and point of safety, security and stability among our four-legged children. When frightened or unsure the three others (Lea, Jacob and Rosie) used to hide behind Ben.

Ben loved to swim, especially in the sea. He was a strong swimmer and had no fear of the wet element. Over the years Ben had become a very confident, self-assured being. He absolutely loved it when Daddy took him and Lea out to the park or to the sea side. The sea water was also beneficial for Ben's skin as Ben suffered from severe allergies.

One of Ben's strength was his brilliant sense of orientation. Even if he had been to a place only once, he remembered it well. You could not get lost with Ben at your side; he always found his way back to his Transit minibus.

We had adopted Ben from The Dog Rescue and Welfare Society, Tower Farm, Stokenchurch in October 1999. He had only just arrived there. After the transition of our beloved dog Bonnie we had decided to adopt another older dog. We searched for a new companion in many rescue homes, but could not find the soul we were looking for. A dear friend pointed out the rescue home at the Tower Farm in Stokenchurch. When we arrived at the Tower Farm we were told that none of the older GSDs liked cats, but that a nice 5 months old GSD cross dog had just arrived and that we could bring him up to like cats. When I looked into Ben's eyes I knew that this soul was the right one for us. I had found a very close soul mate - someone I had believed to have lost many many years before. Ben turned out to be the perfect healer for our cat Mikesch.

Ben had been heart broken for a long time after his friend Mikesch went into Spirit in March 2001. In November 2001 we decided that it would be time to give him another companion - we adopted Lea.

Ben went back into Spirit on 18 December 2011. He crossed the rainbow bridge in our arms at 6.17 p.m. after a long struggle with chronicle kidney failure. We miss him so much; he was one in a million - a star child, the best friend one could wish for. Even though we know that he will be there waiting for us, is it still so painful not having him around in his physical form. God bless, Bobomännchen - we will always love you.

Thank you, Ben, for sending Yonah to us to help us to a fresh start. I am sure you will be guiding him on his way.




Rosie and Jacob



Yonah (fka Jonas)

Nirmla (fka Min) Keith (fka Speedy) Latzi (fka Füchslein) Priyā(fka Zafira) Aramis Meera(fka Hailey)


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