Rosie and Jacob were born in November and August 2002 respectively. We adopted the kitten pair in March 2003 from Martlesham Heath RSPCA. The little kittens integrated very quickly into our family with the help of the Bach Flower Remedies. Rosie, the small female is a very special being, she loves energy healing and radiates a very high frequency herself. She is very independant, but likes to come for a cuddle around 4 a.m. in the night. Rosie loves Ben and likes to lie on places where Ben has been lying before. It gives her a great sense of protection. She loves to play outside in the garden.

Jacob is not quite sure whether he is the third dog or the second cat in the house. He waggs his tail when he sees us and behaves like a dog. Jacob likes to be around
Ben and Lea. Jacob's favourite hobby besides eating and sleeping is giving his big sister Lea a clap on her bum. He enjoys sitting on a chair waiting for her to pass. However it is always done with lots of love. Jacob is very affectionate especially towards Rosie. He enjoys roaming the wider neighbourhood.

Sadly Rosie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge after being run over by a car on the 24th of July 2007. Even though we know that she has important work to do where she is now, she is very much missed and will stay in our hearts forever. She is a great healer and is continuing her healing work in different realms now.

Jacob became very ill after Rosie had gone and we thought we would have to let him go, too. In May 2008 his condition changed and it looks now as if he has fully recovered. We are so happy that he stayed with us. Our new addition to the family, little Rana has helped him finding joy in life again.

Jacob spent nearly three years in the company of Rana and was very happy when in March 2010 we adopted Nirmla, who is so much like Rosie. Rosie (Nirmla) and Jake together again!

Sadly, today, the 25th of October 2010, Jacob passed the rainbow bridge unexpectactly after a short, but severe illness (the vet suspected kidney failure). We miss this gentle soul very much and remember and treasure the years we were lucky to have spent with him.

We hope that in a little while once again this soul will find his way back into our family and join us and his siblings in a fresh and healthy body.

Dear little Jacob, we love you forever!




Rosie and Jacob



Yonah (fka Jonas)

Nirmla (fka Min) Keith (fka Speedy) Latzi (fka Füchslein) Priyā(fka Zafira) Aramis Meera(fka Hailey)


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