was born in February 2008. We adopted Candy from the Spanish Animal Rescue Organisation (Madrid, Spain) via Tierschutz Spanien e.V. in December 2008. In no time she has become a fully integrated member of the family.

Rana and Jacob taught Candy how to handle cats which she had not known in her life before.

Candy loves to play with Lea in the garden and does not mind the cold weather at all. She is very fast in learning and running and has helped Lea to become fit again. Candy likes everything that Ben loves. In many ways she is like a smaller female version of Ben - his little “daughter”. Candy is very sweet natured and has a mind of her own. Lea - even though 7 years her senior - is learning from Candy, how to stand up for herself.




Rosie and Jacob

Rana Nirmla (fka Min) Keith (fka Speedy) Latzi (fka Füchslein) Yonah (fka Jonas) Priyā(fka Zafira)

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