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What is Reflexology?

Most people find pleasure in receiving a foot massage, since the feet are a highly sensitive part of the body. Reflexology is a specific type of foot massage that may help to recognise and treat problem areas in the body and improve overall health. It works on the principle that you can find a mini-map of the whole body on the feet, with specific areas representing each organ or limb.

Reflexology not only feels good but also helps to relieve pain, illness, and restore the body's well-being.

With its roots in antiquity, reflexology has stood the test of time for thousands of years. At least 5000 years ago, it was first practised in India, China, and Egypt.

Dr. William Fitzgerald, an American ear, nose, and throat surgeon, reintroduced reflexology to the western world in 1913. This treatment form underwent further development and refinement in the 1930s, thanks to the work of therapist Eunice Ingham. It is her findings that underpin the principles of contemporary foot reflexology.

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How Can Reflexology Help You?

Reflexology has provided relief for clients with various disorders such as migraines, sinus issues, hormonal imbalances, respiratory ailments, digestive disorders, circulatory problems, back pain, tension, and stress.

Reflexology treatments often leave people feeling relaxed and improve their overall well-being.

Who Can Benefit From Reflexology?

Reflexology offers benefits to people of all ages, including those who feel the aches and pains of well-worn body parts and the athlete seeking an extra edge for their next race. Perhaps the home-maker, in need of a pick-me-up, to ease the strain of endless chores. Refresh your connection to the mental and spiritual realms, and remember the profound beauty of the bigger picture.

What Happens When You Go For Treatment?

The practitioner will evaluate your lifestyle, diet, and current condition prior to the first treatment to ensure there are no contra-indications. A quick glance at your feet will reveal their condition. Lean back and let yourself surrender to a state of relaxation as you indulge in your treatment.

Be proud of your feet—they have walked miles with you, allowing you to explore the world. They are as unique as you are. Take care of and pamper them—for they do much more for you than you would think!

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