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What is Reflexology?

The majority of people enjoy massage to the feet, which are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Any foot massage is relaxing and beneficial - Reflexology is a much more specific method of massage that may be used to recognise and treat problem areas specifically to stimulate health in the whole body.

Reflexology works on the principle that there are specific areas and points that correspond to each organ, gland or limb, creating in effect a mini-map of the whole body on the feet.

Reflexology, besides being very enjoyable, can be an effective way of relieving pain, illness and help to restore the body's natural well-being.

Reflexology has been known for thousands of years. It was first practised in India, China and Egypt at least 5000 years ago. In modern times reflexology has been reintroduced to the western world by Dr. William Fitzgerald, an American ear, nose and throat surgeon in 1913. In the 1930's, this treatment form has been further developed and refined by the therapist Eunice Ingham. It is her findings that form the base of modern foot reflexology.

How Can Reflexology Help You?

Reflexology has been beneficial in the treatment of numerous different disorders including migraine, sinus troubles, hormonal imbalances, breathing disorders, digestive problems, circulatory problems, back problems, tension and stress.

Most people who have experienced a reflexology treatment would agree that it had a positive effect on their well-being and that it made them feel relaxed in body, mind and spirit.

Who Can Benefit From Reflexology?

Reflexology has benefits for almost everyone - from the elderly who have walked many miles and can now hear the moans and grumbles from long used and mostly ignored body parts - to the budding athlete who needs that spark to win the next race. Maybe the housewife who needs a perk-up for lubricating all that work that never ends. Refresh your contact to the Mental and Spiritual that your body is the vehicle for - remind yourself of the beauty of what the bigger picture is.

What Happens When You Go For Treatment?

The first treatment will look at your life style, diet and condition to make sure you can be treated (i.e. no contraindications). A quick look at your feet to see what they say, and then lay back, relax and simply enjoy your treatment.

Never be ashamed of your feet - what have they done for you - and what could you do without them? They are unique to each person. Look after and pamper them - for they do much more than we would generally think!

----Happy Treatings----


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