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Aura-Soma® is a holistic healing system that harmonizes the body, mind and spirit. It was gifted to us by Vicky Wall in the early nineteen eighties. Vicky was highly intuitive. She learned about the Kabbalah, an ancient esoteric knowledge and wisdom system, from her father as a young girl. Later on, Vicky became an apothecary, chiropodist, and herbalist. In her sixties, Vicky was guided to create colour bottles comprising two phases, a perfect equilibrium of an oil and a water fraction. The energies of colour, crystals, herbs, and plants were present in both fractions. At first, Vicky was unaware of what those bottles were for. She was creating wonderful colors, but her near-blindness hindered her from seeing them. The purpose of the bottles became apparent when Vicky's visitors were drawn to them and wanted to purchase them. These bottles turned out to be an excellent self-development tool.

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There are two main purposes for the Aura-Soma® Equilibrium bottles:

  • They give us a more in-depth understanding of
    • Our soul's inherent nature and what we've brought into this incarnation.
    • Our obstacles and our innate talents and gifts.
    • Our current development state.
    • The energies we invite into our lives.

  • We can overcome obstacles and unfold our beautiful personality by shaking and applying the bottle’s content or by meditating with it.
The Aura-Soma® system consists of four components:

Aura-Soma® connects with many other healing and spiritual systems such as Crystal Healing, Flower Remedies, Tarot, The Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, Astrology, Numerology, The I Ching, The Maya Calendar. This provides us with a deeper understanding of our color choices. As we embark on our Aura-Soma® journey, these associations may come into focus at various stages. The decision is ours. We can either welcome them or let them go.

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