“You are the colours
that you choose"

Vicky Wall (1918 – 1991)

Aura-Soma® is a holistic healing system that balances Body, Mind and Spirit. Aura-Soma® was given to us by Vicky Wall in the early nineteen eighties.

Vicky Wall was a very intuitive person. As a young girl she had been taught by her father about the ancient esoteric knowledge and wisdom system, the Kabbalah. Vicky later became an apothecary, chiropodist and herbalist. In her sixties Vicky was guided to create colour bottles that consists of two phases, a perfect equilibrium of an oil and a water fraction. Both fractions contained the energies of colour, crystals, herbs and plants. At that state Vicky did not know what these bottles were about. She could not even see the wonderful colours that she was creating as she was almost blind. The purpose of the bottles was revealed when people visiting Vicky got attracted to them and asked to buy them. These bottles proved to be an ideal tool for self-development.

The Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles serve two purposes:

The Aura-Soma system consists of four components:

Since the beginning of Aura-Soma® more and more connections to other healing and spiritual development systems, like Crystal Healing, Flower Remedies, Tarot, The Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, Astrology, Numerology, The I Ching, The Maya calendar etc. have emerged, allowing us to get an even deeper insight by the choice of colours we make. On our journey with Aura-Soma® these associations might come into focus one after another at different stages on our path. We can welcome them or let them go - the choice is ours.

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