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The Aura-Soma® system revolves around the powerful Equilibrium Bottles. The bottles showcase a flawless equilibrium of an oil fraction and a water fraction, creating a mesmerizing visual contrast. Both fractions contain the energies of light, colour, crystals, herbs, and plants.

During the consultation, the client hand-picks the four bottles that resonate with them the most. By clarifying the meaning of the four bottle selection, Aura-Soma® practitioners aid clients in developing self-awareness.

  • Our choice of Equilibrium Bottles gives us a more in-depth understanding of
    • Our soul's inherent nature and what we've brought into this incarnation.
    • Our obstacles and our innate talents and gifts.
    • Our current development state.
    • The energies we invite into our lives.

  • The meaning of each bottle:
    • Bottle 1: Who am I? What are the vibrant energies that my soul has manifested in this lifetime?
    • Bottle 2: What obstacles do I need to overcome? Which unique gifts and talents have been given to me?
    • Bottle 3: What is my current situation? What stage have I reached in my personal development?
    • Bottle 4: Which positive energies will I most likely attract into my life? Where do I go from here?

Then, one of these four Equilibrium Bottles is recommended as the treatment option. Most times, the client takes this Equilibrium Bottle home and gently massages the oil/water emulsion onto their skin, targeting the area that corresponds to the specific colour or colour combination. The Equilibrium bottles provide us with daily support for our personal growth.

When I studied Aura-Soma, there were 103 Equilibrium Bottles available. The number is constantly growing. The standard set currently consists of 121 bottles. In addition, there is a set known as ALCHEMIST, which includes a total of 14 bottles. As a result of a natural transformation process, these bottles came into existence in 1999 from the standard Equilibrium Bottles. The ALCHEMIST set seems to push the boundaries of advanced development. I love to work with these bottles. They had just emerged when I studied at Dev Aura in Tetford.

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