Personalised Crystal Jewellery

What is Personalised Crystal Jewellery?

Personalised Crystal Jewellery is a term that I use for the bracelets, necklaces and earrings that I create from Real Crystal and Sterling Silver Beads harmoniously combined to balance the energy field of the person wearing the piece of jewellery.

As the beads are combined they integrate into a single energy field and are energised in my hands. Each item has its own energy pattern.

Often I am inspired by the colour combinations of the Aura-Soma® Equilibrium bottles. I follow the higher guidance when choosing and combining the beads to form a piece of jewellery.

Each piece of Personalised Crystal Jewellery is like a small Mandala created to match a specific energetic need.

How did it start?

For many years I have been interested in crystals and crystal jewellery. In October 2000 I started on a two year diploma course in Crystal and Spiritual Healing with VHF in London. During the first year of training I became interested in designing and creating crystal jewellery. Many bracelets like the commonly available Power Bracelets were too big and too heavy for me. As I proceeded with my studies in Crystal Healing I became more sensitive for the energies of the crystals and felt that I wanted to wear jewellery that was energetically balanced and harmonious in its composition. I chose small beads as they felt more appropriate for my energetic needs and were simply more comfortable to wear.

Soon friends and family members asked me to create jewellery for them. The feedback that I received from those wearing my jewellery was very positive and extremely encouraging. My friends and family members felt supported, relaxed, nurtured, grounded or energised — depending on the combination of crystals in the jewellery.

Encouraged by this feedback I felt that my bracelets, necklaces and earrings could wonderfully complement my healing sessions and consultations. I began to design bracelets for my clients.

How do I choose Personalised Crystal Jewellery?

When you choose Personalised Crystal Jewellery, let yourself be guided by what you are attracted to. Your subconscious mind knows what is best for you.

For those who are interested in purchasing a piece from my selection on Body, Mind and Spirit Festivals or at my home I recommend to take the piece of jewellery into their hand, relax and begin to feel its energy. It is important to give yourself plenty of time to choose.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, I am happy to create jewellery especially for you. When you purchase a jewellery item from my selection I will personally cleanse it for you and dedicate it to work for your highest good.

Crystals and crystal jewellery need to be energetically cleaned regularly

Please keep in mind when wearing crystal jewellery, to clean your jewellery energetically on a regular base. Crystals absorb negative energies. By cleaning crystals regularly you can ensure that the negative energies absorbed by the crystals are not reflected back to you when the crystals become saturated.

In times of stress or worries it is especially important to clean the crystals in your jewellery and those in your environment. After the cleaning you can actually see the crystals shine and sparkle again.

How do I clean crystals and crystal jewellery?

Crystals and crystal jewellery can be cleaned in many ways. For a fast, effective and easy way of cleaning use sound, e.g. from Tibetan bowls, bells, chimes, tuning forks, rattles or a drum.

Using scents like incense sticks or smudging is also very easy and comfortable. Make sure you don’t touch the crystals with the incense or smudge sticks.

Another way is to clean crystals with intent by channeling light into each crystal or jewellery item and asking for all negativity to be transformed into positive energy.

The White Pomander or the Serapis Bey Quintessence from Aura-Soma® can also be used to energetically clean crystals.


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