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What is Personalized Crystal Jewellery?

Personalised Crystal Jewellery refers to the bracelets, necklaces, and earrings I make. They combine real crystal and sterling silver beads to harmonize the wearer's energy field.

With each bead I add, the necklace gains a new layer of resonance. Together, they merge harmoniously to form a unique energetic aura that promotes the wearer’s overall wellness. As I select and arrange the beads to create a piece of jewellery, I trust in the higher guidance to lead me to make the right choices. The colour combinations often mirror the vibrant hues of the Aura-Soma® Equilibrium bottles. Each piece of Personalised Crystal Jewellery resembles a small Mandala created to match a specific energetic need.

How did it start?

For many years, I have been interested in crystals and crystal jewellery. In October 2000, I embarked on a two-year diploma course in Crystal and Spiritual Healing with the VHF in London. During the first year of training, I found myself drawn to creating crystal jewellery. The commonly available Power Bracelets were too big and too heavy for my comfort. The more I immersed myself in the world of Crystal Healing, the more attuned I became to the energetic vibrations emanating from the crystals. This deepened connection inspired me to design jewellery that carried harmonious and well-balanced energy. I chose small beads because they were better suited to my energetic needs and provided a higher level of comfort when worn.

Before long, I received requests from friends and family to design and make jewellery for them. The feedback from those who wore my jewellery was incredibly positive, providing me with a boost of encouragement. The jewellery had a profound impact on my friends and family members. Depending on the crystals I selected for their jewellery, they felt a sense of support, relaxation, nurturing, grounding, or energy.

The positive feedback made me feel that my bracelets, necklaces, and earrings would be a great addition to my healing sessions and consultations. I started crafting jewellery for my clients, hand-picking the crystal combination that suited them best.

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How do you choose a Personalised Crystal Jewellery item?

When opting for Personalised Crystal Jewellery, pay attention to what catches your eye, and follow your intuition. Listen to your inner voice, as your subconscious mind holds the answers to what is best for you.

Because of my eyesight problems, I currently do not offer the service of creating custom items to fit individual needs. For those who purchase jewellery already created, I suggest holding the piece in your hand to get a sense of its energy field. Relax and let your intuition guide you. It is important to give yourself plenty of time to choose.

How do I look after my Crystal Jewellery?

Crystals and crystal jewellery need to be energetically cleansed regularly.

When wearing crystal jewellery, make sure to energetically clean it regularly. Crystals possess the power to attract and neutralize negative energies. Regularly cleansing crystals stops negative energies from affecting you as they become saturated. Cleaning the crystals in your jewellery and environment becomes even more significant during times of stress or worry. With the cleaning complete, the crystals regain their lustre, shining and sparkling brilliantly.

  • There are multiple ways to clean crystals and crystal jewellery energetically:

    • For a swift and effortless cleaning method, harness the power of sound with Tibetan bowls, bells, chimes, tuning forks, rattles, or a drum.

    • Using scents such as incense sticks or smudging is a pleasant and effortless cleansing method. Keep in mind that the crystals should not be touched by the incense or smudge sticks.

    • Clean crystals by channelling light and asking for negativity to be transformed into positive energy.

    • The White Pomander or the Serapis Bey Quintessence from Aura-Soma® can also be used for cleaning crystals energetically. Bring the Pomander or the Quintessence into the crystal's aura.

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