Chestnut Bud

  • helps us to learn from mistakes
  • increases our ability to listen
  • makes learning an enjoyable experience
  • helps us to take one step at a time
  • encourages us to gain a deeper understanding
  • raises our awareness
  • increases consciousness


  • I take every moment as a learning experience
  • I live, learn and prosper
  • I enjoy listening
  • I go deeper
  • I am aware


  • helps us to put our thoughts into action
  • increases our grounding
  • helps us to live and express our creativity
  • encourages us to do the things that need to be done immediately
  • helps us to find a balance between spiritual and material world
  • assists us in fulfilling our inkarnational plan
  • gives us a clear and realistic perception of life
  • helps us to realise that the point of power is in the present moment


  • I act now
  • I create
  • I enjoy living on this planet today
  • I see things clearly
  • I live


  • helps us to live in the present and enjoy it
  • establishes a healthy relationship to the past and helps us recognise what impact the past has on our present life
  • teaches us discernment so that we know what to take from the past and what to let go of
  • helps us awaken to a New Life
  • assists us in past life regression work


  • I am free to move on
  • I live today
  • The future is bright


  • brings sunshine into dull days
  • makes us realise that sunshine always comes from within
  • helps us to accept the ups and downs of life
  • helps us to accept and integrate our shadow sides
  • makes us realise that we are always connected to source
  • helps us to enjoy even the rainy days
  • helps us to stay in the light


  • I go with the flow
  • I love all aspects of myself
  • I am always connected to source
  • I stay in the light


  • provides us with strength, energy and vitality
  • supports us in situation of extreme demands so that we can stay calm and relaxed
  • helps us to listen to and fulfill our needs on all levels
  • helps us to know when to rest and replenish our energy reserves
  • strengthens our connection to Mother Earth
  • encourages us to open up to our Higher Self so that universal energy can flow through us and nourish us


  • I am strong and full of energy
  • I am supported by the Universal Energy
  • I nourish my body, mind and soul
  • I give myself enough time to rest and replenish
  • I connect to Mother Earth

White Chestnut

  • helps to increase the mental capacity by uncluttering the mind
  • clears the thoughts of distortion
  • facilitates constructive thinking
  • aids concentration
  • relaxes the mind so that we can find peace and sleep
  • brings inner quietness so that solutions can come up naturally
  • encourages us to clutter-clear our inner and outer world
  • assist authors by keeping their minds clear and focussed


  • I feel calm
  • My mind is clear
  • My inner and outer world is well structured and ordered
  • I am relaxed

Wild Rose

  • helps us to feel true contentment
  • brings back a zest for life
  • brings colour into our life
  • encourages us to take interest in our surroundings and in ourselves
  • helps us to surrender to Spirit so that we begin to see the light of Spirit in ourselves
  • helps us to surrender to the beauty of life
  • opens all our senses so that we are able to enjoy the gift of life


  • I surrender to the light
  • I take notice of the beauty around me that nourishes my soul
  • I love life
  • I embrace the colours of life
  • I sense, feel, see, hear, smell and taste the gift of life

2003 Renate Nallinger