• teaches us discernment without judgement
  • helps us to recognise the positive potential even in an unpleasant situation
  • teaches us acceptance, compassion and understanding
  • allows us to accept remarks from others as positive motivation
  • teaches us to comment on other people's behavior in a loving and caring way
  • helps us understand that there is not just one truth and that variety of opinions is beautiful and brings colour to life


  • I live and let live
  • I embrace the variety of life
  • I see beauty everywhere


  • helps us to know the boundaries of our space and respect the boundaries of others
  • encourages us to recognise our own needs and to fulfill them ourselves
  • encourages us to look for true love inside rather than searching for it outside
  • gives us the courage to do things by ourselves
  • encourages us to set ourselves and others free
  • teaches us to give love, light, warmth and support from the heart unconditionally in the knowledge that we receive from above as we give out to the world
  • helps us to relax, step back and watch our loved ones develop to beautiful, independent and creative beings
  • teaches us forgiveness
  • assist the practitioner to send love from the heart and to encourage the clients to heal themselves


  • I recognise and fulfill my needs
  • I love myself the way I am
  • I love others they way they are
  • I am loved
  • There is always enough for everybody
  • I draw from Source and give freely
  • As I give I receive
  • I take responsibility for my own actions and allow others to do the same
  • I surrender control to the universe
  • I forgive you

Rock Water

  • helps us to enjoy living our ideals
  • teaches us flexibility of thoughts
  • encourages us to love all aspects of ourselves
  • encourages us to nurture our Inner Child and give it room to play
  • teaches us that being loved does not depend on being perfect
  • encourages us to forgive ourselves


  • I love and approve of myself
  • I am loving and lovable
  • I deserve to enjoy life
  • I am kind and gentle to myself
  • I am flexible and able let go of outdated thought patterns
  • I forgive myself


  • helps us to use our enthusiasm in an inspiring and motivating way
  • encourages us to go with the flow and be flexible
  • reminds us that we have only a limited view while being on Earth and that the things or situations that appear to be wrong to us may be correct and as they should when seen from a higher point of view
  • encourages us to trust that everything happens for a reason and exactly the way it should
  • teaches us to let others learn their lessons by themselves
  • helps us to claim back our power and energy as we allow things to happen in accordance to the Higher Will
  • teaches us to use our strength wisely and for a Higher Purpose
  • helps us to listen to our needs and fulfill them
  • encourages us to take time out, meditate and quieten the Little Will so that the Higher Will can be heard.
  • helps us to become the Wise Owl - always listening and observing, prepared and willing to support when support is needed, never interfering with another beings life plan


  • I let go and trust the Higher Will
  • I am a well of inspiration refilling my energies from Source
  • I trust the flow of life
  • I listen to and fulfill my needs
  • I relax in joy as all is well and as it should be
  • I put down the swords and let love flow


  • teaches us to use our strength and organisational skills to serve a Higher Purpose
  • helps us to develop true respect for other beings as we are all reflections of God
  • helps us to live and teach from the Heart
  • helps us to listen to the needs of others and offer our love and support in a non-invasive way
  • encourages us to learn from others
  • gives us the strength to show scars and vulnerability
  • helps us to develop compassion and understanding
  • encourages us to stop fighting our own shadow and to live in peace
  • helps us to overcome the fear of our own authority
  • assists us in developing feminine leadership qualities
  • teaches us to show obeisance to God


  • I serve a Higher Purpose
  • I respect myself and others
  • I am willing to learn from others
  • I am at peace
  • I guide and lead with love

Supportive Action:

  • Practise Namaste - the Hindu Greeting - that means the reflection of God in me greets and shows obeisance to the reflection of God in you.
    Join your palms together at heart level and slightly bow forwards saying the word Namaste.

2003 Renate Nallinger