Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies
Addressing Loneliness


The Bach Flower Remedy group for Addressing Loneliness focuses on three types of individuals, each with their own unique experiences of loneliness:
  • People who are always consumed with discussing their own problems, leaving little room for active listening.
  • Those who struggle with patience towards others' learning and might become easily frustrated.
  • People who value solitude may occasionally struggle with feelings of isolation and solitude.

This group comprises the following three remedies:

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This Bach Flower Remedy is beneficial for those who tend to be overly talkative and self-focused. They may always want to be around others and feel uncomfortable when alone with their thoughts.
  • Helps us cultivate empathy and understanding.
  • Instils in us the belief that we will be granted everything we require.
  • Reminds us to foster our own growth and extend that nurturing to those we encounter.
  • Redirects our attention from our personal concerns to a greater purpose.
  • Enhances our feelings of self-worth, making us feel more confident and deserving.
  • Encourages us to develop self-love and self-acceptance.
  • Helps us recognize that love originates from within ourselves.
  • Reminds us we are all unique in our own way, and there is no need for comparison.
  • Helps us develop the wisdom and responsibility necessary for adulthood.

BFR Heather


This Bach Flower Remedy is helpful for individuals who become easily irritated and frustrated by slow progress. They choose to work alone to maintain their own pace and not be held back by slower co-workers. Often, their impatience extends even to their own learning curve.
  • Helps us understand that we are all pieces of a puzzle, fitting together to form a unified team.
  • Shows us that everyone has their own internal clock that guides their actions.
  • Emphasizes the idea that there is more to consider beyond just speed.
  • Prompts us to use our strengths and gifts to serve those around us.
  • Encourages us to approach ourselves and others with tranquillity and ease.
  • Teaches us the art of patience, understanding, and diplomacy.
  • Helps us patiently wait for things to unfold organically.
  • Encourages us to become a calm and patient teacher, finding joy in observing as students practice their newly gained skills.

BFR Impatiens

Water Violet

This Bach Flower Remedy is particularly beneficial for individuals who place great importance on their individual time and may exhibit an air of coldness or superiority. It aids individuals with exceptional abilities who encounter difficulties in establishing a connection with others.
  • Promotes a mindset of open-hearted and open-minded communication.
  • Reminds us that everyone is special and different in their own way.
  • Conveys the message that separation is a mere illusion, and ultimately, we are all interconnected.
  • Encourages us to express our needs openly, creating an environment of honest communication.
  • Helps us understand that true teaching emanates from the very core of the heart.
  • Teaches us that embracing our weaknesses is a display of inner strength.

BFR Water Violet

BFR Rock Rose

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